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Unity Integration with Octel

When is it required to integrate Cisco Unity with Legacy Octel Voice Mail System?

WE currently have Avaya Call Processing and Octel Voice Mail System, and looking into Cisco Call Manager and Cisco Unity.

Just to start out we want to replace IT people (80 Users) with Cisco IP Phones, and we will integrate Call Manager with Avaya via Cisco 2821 Router. This will take care of users making call between each other.

I can't figure it out if I need to integrate Unity with Octel as well. To me, I should not have to. For example,

IP Phone user has mailbox with Unity, and Avaya user has a mailbox with Octel, but some document at CCO state that VoiceMail System won't work between each other if not integrated.

Can someone shed light?



Re: Unity Integration with Octel

You may need networking between both voicemail systems if you need to exchange messages between the two systems.During the migration, if you want all users to be able to send and receive messages between the Octel and Unity, then you need to network them using a device like Unity Bridge. (Separate server).

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Re: Unity Integration with Octel

If those IT People are using Cisco IP Phones only, there is no need to integrate with OCTEL. Cisco-phones will be able to call Avaya and leave messages for those still on Octel. Avaya phones will be able to call Ip Phones and leave messages for those people on Unity.

Here is the explanation of Bridge Networking:

A Cisco Unity networking option. Allows messaging between Cisco Unity and Octel systems on an Octel analog network by using the Cisco Unity Bridge. The Bridge, which acts as a networking gateway, must be installed on a separate and dedicated platform. Messaging between Cisco Unity and the Bridge is done by using SMTP over the Internet or any TCP/IP network. Messaging between the Octel servers and the Bridge is done by using the Octel analog networking protocol. Cisco Unity and the Octel systems maintain separate voice mail directories. However, the Bridge supports Avaya Octel NameNet, which is an Octel Networking feature that allows for the propagation of text and voice names among nodes on the analog Octel network. NameNet allows subscribers to address messages to people at other nodes by spelling the recipient name, and to get voice name confirmation when addressing a message to someone on another node.

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