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Unity is dropping calls to remote site

I am setting up a remote site.

G729 accross the board.

CM v3.1(2c)

Unity - G729 Enabled & G729 Quiet Prompts installed

TSP 6.02B

SRST GW: 2620 Router

- C2600 Software (C2600-IK9S-M), Version 12.2(11)T2


The GW is setup for H323, with the dial-peers set for codec g729r8

If I point my incoming call a phone located at the remote location, the call is fine. It rings the line, voice is good, no problems! In fact, it transfers to Unity for VMl just fine too.. voice mail messages are clean... and MWI works fine. Calls between phones work fine & SRST functionality works fine.


I have setup a Unity Subscriber to use as a "Greeting" for this site, with caller input to select the actual Subscriber that the caller wants to talk to... Unity takes the call just fine.. If I select option 1 for ext. 2000... it starts to transfer the call.. but when I pickup the phone.. the call basically gets dropped & both the outside line & IP phone get a busy..

Perhaps I have the wrong S/W somewhere?

Maybe the G/W???

My next step is TAC I guess... I am hoping for some input from the forum.

Thanks in Advance,



Re: Unity is dropping calls to remote site

Unity is basically the same to as an IP phone as far as CallManager and the gateway are concerned.

Can you call to an IP phone, answer the call, and transfer to another IP phone successfully? That should theoretically fail too.

Also, what kind of transfer are you doing? Very low chance that this will make a difference but you might try switching from supervised to release to switch or vise versa.


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Re: Unity is dropping calls to remote site

Where were you on Friday!

We found this problem on Friday... we could not transfer calls correctly...

CM Upgrade to 3.1.4B SPC and reinstalling the G/W seems to have resolved the problem.


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