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Unity is killing Exchange

Hello everyone,

I have a Exchange 2000 and Unity 3.1.2 and Unity is killing exchange. The Eadmin account has recieved over 1,000,000 messagesfrom the unity server

"The voice server detected that one or more Exchange servers are unavailable. Refer to the Windows NT application event log for more information."

Events logs from Unity server say the exchange server is ofline. Now Exchange is not ofline and this only show up fro like 30 seconds then event logs will say its backup and resyncing but it does this like twenty times a day and when it is down it send like 100 messages during that period at least if not more. IT has killed my exchagne server twice and is continuesing to do so even though I think I turned all event monitoring of on the "Event Notification Utility"

ANy idea what the problem is I can't aford to have exchange go down again

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Re: Unity is killing Exchange

Hi there,

Have you ever started Unity in UMR mode when Exchange was down? It may be possible that you did not set the registry key "LogonDefault" value back to 7 after changing it. Maybe what is happening here is that something on your network causes Unity and Exchange to lose comms. and Unity has a short timeout value (LogonDefault) and thinks that Exchange is down .

Check out the following link for UMR on this forum:

Oh, by the way, you may want to monitor the LAN port the Unity server is connected to with Sniffer or something to see what exactly Unity is trying to send to the Exchange Server.

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Re: Unity is killing Exchange

If you've got a million messages in your Eadmin box, I think you'd do well to flush it out. The Eadmin mailbox is the default location that a lot of undeliverable, system event, and interview handler messages get dumped. It sounds like you're not monitoring that box at all! I suggest you take a look at this link:

Follow the steps to safely remove that account and create a Unity administrator account you will monitor. See if that helps any.


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