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unity joining mixed exchange enviroment

I had a problem when running configuration setup. Unity3.13.

Error message: one or couple of services not started. actually in the service, I see the Avcsmgr is not started. If I try to start it manually, it came back error saying " Could not start in local computer"

Here is the background:

There are one ex2000 and one ex55 in the existing mix mode

I have been reading the installation document couple times very carefully.

What I did is ( I use built-in administrator as the installation and service account)

Join the Unity in the 2000 domain. Unity is not a DC

log on as the adminstrator from the domain

install ex2000 administrative software (of course all the other necessary software)

Add the unity server into exchange domain server since it is offbox install

Grant the adminstrator the rights to act as a part of the operating system and to log on as a service.

I think the problem maybe still related to permission, anyone can help me?Thanks.


Re: unity joining mixed exchange enviroment

Some installations prevent the Local System from being used by MAPI as a security principle for authentication into a Domain, therefore requiring the use of a domain level account. The Unity_ account is the best choice for this functionality.

The Unity_ will need to run the following services:





The Unity_ must have the following permissions and user rights:

Be a member of the Exchange Domain Servers group in the domain where this server is installed.

Be a member of the Local Administrators group on the Unity server.

Act as a part of the operating system User right.

Log on as a service User right.

It may be necessary for this same account to be an Exchange View Only Administrator as well, depending upon any customizations the customer has done to the Exchange Domain Servers group.

This account cannot be a member of any domain group that overrides permissions assigned by its membership in the Exchange Domain Servers group, especially any permissions that set a Deny on the ACEs to Send As and Receive As on Exchange 2000 mailbox stores.

If Unity is servicing Exchange 5.5 mailboxes in a mixed messaging environment, this account also needs to be granted the "Service Account Admin" role at the Exchange 5.5 Site and Configuration containers for the Exchange 5.5 Site it is servicing.


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Re: unity joining mixed exchange enviroment

I did as you told me, but when I run configuration again new error message came up "setup was unable to stop the AvGAENSvr, please stop it and continue" . I went in to service and found this service is at the stopping status and the stop button is greyed out.

Go in further, I looking into the documentation"mail Store does not start after running configuration setup", I found the Exchange GEneral tab of the accout unity_ doesn't show the mailbox store path which is the one of the symptom as indicated in this documentaion. But Even I did as it instructed it still didn't work. What else we can do?I have reinstalled the unity couple times. Kind of frustrated!

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