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Unity - Mailbox size update

Unity 4.02 UM/CCM3.3.3

Imported users from AD. Then, increased send/receive/notify mailbox limits within Exchange. However, Unity didn't dynamically update. Thus, we're stuck at the old levels. Is this a known bug? Has anybody experienced this, have any ideas? I've been editing the SQL entries for individual subscribers as a temporary/immediate fix, but need to resolve (or at least locate the table within SQL that specifies default size limits). Thanks!


Re: Unity - Mailbox size update

Unity will query AD every 15 minutes to find the updated information. Has it been this long?

Check out this document detailing exactly how storage limits work with Unity:

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Re: Unity - Mailbox size update

That's a good link with helpful information. However, our problem is that Unity isn't actually updating this field with AD. It's been six weeks since installation and it's stuck on the initially inherited limits. I manually changed the size limiations on our mailbox stores for an immediate fix. We're still not replicating correctly though.

This problem is also affecting subscriber management and other components. Anyway, enough rambling...good link; thanks!


Re: Unity - Mailbox size update

I would take a look at the USN values in AD and in the DB.

If the USN on Unity is higher than the USN in AD, Unity will not update the DB.

You can use ADSI Edit to see the values. The attribute names are detailed in the document I mentioned earlier.

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