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New Member

Unity - marking messages with incorrect time.

Hi There,

Has anyone come across a quirky issue with Unity 4.05 reporting the incorrect time when messages are played back via the TUI (Voicemail only)

I have seen this in two systems so far.

When looking at the exchange message tracking logs are recording the correct GMT time, however the play back of the message is incorrect. It makes no difference also if you set the subscribers timezone in saweb.

This is an Australian system and daylight savings is in effect (the tick box is checked)

Has anyone else seen examples of this and know of a fix?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity - marking messages with incorrect time.

How far off is the time? One hour due to daylight savings? 10 minutes? Is Exchange on the same server as Unity? If exchange is offbox, is the time matched up with Unity?

New Member

Re: Unity - marking messages with incorrect time.

Theres a bug just opened for this.

No resolution, just a work around at this stage

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