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Unity Memory Usage

I cuurently have a Unity 3.12 system in a stand alone voicemail configuration so it has AD, and Exchange 2K on box. I have about 450 subscribers. The machine is currently using up over 1 gig of physical memeory and the STORE.EXE process is using up over 425 megs of that. This seems quite excessive. I have also noticed that this memory usage continaully increase. After a reboot, the machine will be using up at 425 megs, and it has continually climbed up to over 1 gig used now. I can see this becoming a problem given that I only have 1.1 gigs of memory in the machine. Can someone please comment on this.<br><br>Thanks<br><br>


Re: Unity Memory Usage

It's not unusual for STORE.EXE (Exchange service for managing the message store) to grab a lot of memory, especially on standalone systems where the storage requirements can't be distributed among Exchange servers. To put it bluntly, Exchange is a hog, and it will allocate as much memory as it thinks it can get away with. The good news is that it does release RAM to other applications if they ask nicely.

Have a look at this Q article on technet:;EN-US;Q266096&

There are also several documents on Microsoft's site about Exchange storage management that might help you configure the system to reduce resource consumption, such as setting storage limits on mailboxes and reducing the deleted item retention time.

Scott Morgan
Cisco Systems TAC

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