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Unity Messaging and Call Forwarding


We are trying to set up our unity messaging system to call forward to an external number. The policies have been set up in Unity but we can not get the call to connect to the outside number. CCM appears to be preventing this. The voicemail lines are in their own partition but CCM and the other lines are not in a partition. We are able to make the phone ring to other IP phones just not external calls. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Re: Unity Messaging and Call Forwarding

It doesn't matter what partition your voicemail ports are in for calling outbound, it matters what CSS they are using. You should run the Dialed Number Analyzer and input your CSS that you have assigned to the VM ports and the dial pattern that you are trying to call and see what the results are. Mainly you need to configure your voicemail ports with a CSS that has a partition with a correct matching Route Pattern. Then from there verify that the Route Pattern is configured correctly to a gateway or Route List.

On Unity there are multiple restriction tables, Default Outdial, Default Transfer, System Default Transfer. How are you doing the transfer out? Is it via a Call Handler, Subsciber or a System dial(forgot the name of that specific feature)? Just to cover all avenues you might want to post the process you did on Unity and what the restiction tables are configured like.

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Re: Unity Messaging and Call Forwarding

Thanks for your help. I am using the call handler to make the transfer out. I think you hit it on the head in your first paragraph, All of the VM ports have seleceted for CSS. The restriction tables do not appear tot be the issue becasue the call appears makes it way up to CCM but dies on the table there (transfering your call)........

Re: Unity Messaging and Call Forwarding

Yeah if you don't have DNA installed then I would suggest doing that first. It has helped me solve tons of Call Routing issues.



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