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Unity Migration Issues

We are currently running Unity 2.4.6 with CM 3.0.9 and planning to migrate to Unity 4.0 with CM 3.3 or later (newer faster hardware). We have several thousand UM users but need to slowly add the remaining 10,000 + users.

Is it possible to add these users without actually assigning a DN to each user? Previously we had problems with orphan subscribers when DN's were reassigned to new users due to transfers. TAC actually had us remove the orphans.

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Re: Unity Migration Issues

i'm not sure I understand what it is you want to do here - when you add a subscriber you have to assign a primary extension to them, this can be anything and doesn't have to correspond to an actual phone extension if that's what you mean - it just has to be unique in the directory. You can then change the extension over to an actual phone extension ID when one is available to use, but I'm not clear on why you'd want to do this if I'm understanding you correctly. Also, adding a subscriber to the system but giving them a bogus extension number isn't "standing" them - I'm not clear on what you mean there.

Maybe you can expand a little on what it is you wish to do here...

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