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Unity MWI and Email notification for two mailboxes

OK, I'm sure this is not that big-a-deal, but I just wanted to check and see how this should be done. I have a single subscriber, let's say he's at extension 5001. He also has a mailbox that he needs to monitor for the 1800-idrivbad or something like that, let's say that's extension 5002. Both of these must have different greetings, but this person would like to get the voicemail MWI on his phone and the email in his inbox. How would you handle those.

My assumptions:

email - distribution list?

vm - shared line - but this won't work.

alt ext - don't know i this will work or not.

prob, he has two lines on his 7940 phone already and we don't want to change either of those...


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Re: Unity MWI and Email notification for two mailboxes

Nevermind...I got it.

If anyone else wants to know, it's:

vm mwi - look under the messages config page for that subscriber and at the bottom there is a section for MWI extensions.

email - create a private list

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