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Unity MWI Problem

Sorry for the basic question.

I just finished installing Unity 4.02 demo version and it seems to be working well.

The demo version comes with 2 ports.

I am trying to get the message waiting indicator light to work on a 7960 phone I am using.

I enabled the MWI in the user profile.

I am not really sure what to put in the UTIM MWI page for extensions for on and off.

I put one of the two extensions assigned to the ports.

Now when I leave a message unity dials the extension of the 7960 and it rings.

It does this about four times and then stops.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working properly?

Do I have the right numbers in the UTIM?



Re: Unity MWI Problem

Hello -

Do not put the extension for MWI on/off on the Unity ports. You could use the example 1098 for MWI on and 1099 for MWI off. In CallManager, you define the MWI on/off extensions and this must also match in Unity's TSP (wave drivers). The CCM section is defined in 3.3 Feature, Voicemail, Message Waiting menu. The phones must also be in the same Calling search space as your MWI on/off. As for the ports, the first port number is the Voicemail pilot number, for example, 1001. Since you are using a demo system with two ports, Unity port 1 will be extension 1001 and in CCM will forward busy/no answer to 1002. The second port, 1002, will not forward since it is the last one. Also, make sure one of these ports is configured to dial-out MWI.

Hope this helps! Sincerely,


Community Member

Re: Unity MWI Problem

Thanks very much for you prompt and accurate response.

I am running CM 3.1 and as soon as I changed the numbers from the port numbers used by unity to 1098 and 1099 it came right up.


Best Regards


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