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Unity MWI

I have two subscriber that when a msg is left for them, their MWI on IP Phone does not light up, but they receive the message by mail.

Dialing the MWI extension on the phone lights it up, but checking MWI for the subscriber in unity shows it is off.

All other subscribers do not have this problem.

Any ideas . Thanks


Re: Unity MWI


Sounds like the partition that the users are in is not accessible from the calling search space applied to the Voice Mail / MWI indicators.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity MWI

if using U403, open Port Status Monitor (PSM) from Tools Depot. If not,download from

I'll assume there is no problem hearing the vm on the phone.

Leave one person a message. Do you see Dial MWI 'extension-xxxx' once or many times, or none at all.

If once, the message was sent to ccm but light did not come on - perhaps due to incorrect mwi-code (possible if you have more than one VM profile)

If more than once, VM-ports's CSS could not reach the phone extension Partition. You will see a harddevice setmwi error in the app logs.

If none at all, then it may appear that Exchange never told Unity. Try going to the subscriber page, and click refresh - do you see MWI dialout on PSM?

Here is a doc to help you through it.

Troubleshooting the Cisco Unity MWI Exchange Component

Look through the w2k application-event logs. There's usually something there.

Do let us know if this has been any help.

H. M.


Re: Unity MWI

Also check the "message waiting lamp policy" settings on the Line properties for these users.

New Member

Re: Unity MWI

What version of CallManager are you running? We were running v3.3.3 and were having numerous issues with MWI. We had Cisco in our network for ever and they rolled our fix into v3.3.4. We are currently a beta test site for CCMv4.01 as well as we have issues running MWI through our network for our Meridian Mail support employees. They have rolled in numerous fixes into 4.0 for our network and we are currently running v4.01es4.01 in our production/testlab environment (we are running v3.3.3sr4 in Dallas; v3.3.4 in OKC, and v4.01 in Denver). We are bound to find a version that works 100% of the time...

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