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Unity not failing over to subscriber CM

Have a customer with 2 CMs , Version 3.3 (publisher and subscriber) and a single Unity (ver 3.1.5) . I set the TSP (version 6.x) to failover to the backup CM, but when I bring the subscriber CM server down to test, Unity doesn't appear to link to the backup CM. The CMs failover as expected, but when you dial into any of the DIDs from the outside, they will not connect. Outgoing calls work just fine.

Any ideas on what I may have missed?

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that when I did the TSP test between Unity and the subscriber, it reported that the test ran successfully. I rebooted the Unity/TSP server to make sure the wav drivers were updated.

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Re: Unity not failing over to subscriber CM

Hi -

Are you seeing anything in your application event log that indicates Unity TSP is attempting to connect to the backup CallManager? It sounds, from your note, that the voice ports are configured OK (working normally until you failover your CCM; TSP test OK, etc.) I found some information (it's old) from our forum that referenced a customer having the same problem, and fixed it by upgrading to a new version of TSP. I noticed you are running version 6.x of TSP with CallManager 3.3. We are running Unity 3.1(5) and upgraded to TSP 7.0 (with TAC's advise) to help with our Unity ports disconnecting/reconnecting from CallManager 3.2(c). You could give that a try? Here is a link to the old post -

Also - the link to software download for Unity TSP

Sincerely, Ginger

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Re: Unity not failing over to subscriber CM


Thanks for the link. I think I will upgrade to TSP 7.0(2) and see if the problem is resolved. I'll let you know.


P.S. Nice detective work!

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