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Unity on a MCS-7835

When installing Unity it states use Win 2000 as the base. I have previously used the Spirian disk from a Call Manager install and this worked fine however buying a MCS 7835 does not include the Spirian CD.Am I breaking a license by doing this or should I buy Win 2000 seperatly. I would prefer to use the Spirian as it includes all the necessary drivers

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Re: Unity on a MCS-7835


I think that is actually a wonderful idea , use the Spirian CD.

But what you must know is that when you install this CD you will have Sql7.0 also on it, and some other staff what you dont need for Unity, and this can take some performance from the Server, not certain but it can. The licening from WIN 2000 is the other problem how do think to solve this?

regards Philipp

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity on a MCS-7835

This should be okay if the computer is only going to be a member server of an existing domain on your network. If you need to use dcpromo to make the server an Active Directory controller, I have found this to have some problems when using the Spirian OS CD rather than a standard Win2k CD.

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Re: Unity on a MCS-7835

I need to know what the official story is?

Using the Spirian CD makes life easier as it includes all the hardware drivers but if we do not have a license then it is an issue. Also to use a standard WIN200 we will need to get all the BIOS and drivers for the MCS 7835.

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