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Unity on Win2kSvr

I'm using the Win2kSvr that came with my MCS-7835. Installing Unity on it. Question is how do I establish a trust between the 2kSvr and a NT4 Domain that the existing Exchange 5.5 Servers reside, in order to even install Unity.

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Re: Unity on Win2kSvr

You should be installing Unity on your existing NT4

domain.... even if you install Unity (exchange) on a seprate domain, you do not need to create a trust.

You only need to add the Unity Exchange server to your existing Exchange trust is needed,

as long as the service account match on the machines.

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Re: Unity on Win2kSvr

I tried to install the Win2kSvr into an Existing NT4 Domain. It would not work. I think that CISCO gives a watered down version of 2kSvr because I cannot find any Active Directory Utilities. I'd love to just install Unity on a NT4Svr, but the Cisco SE that engineered this also put ICD on the same server.

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Re: Unity on Win2kSvr

I don't understand why you need to install Unity on the striped down version of win2k for the CCM.

I have unity running on Windows 2000 server (Microsoft Version) in a CCM environment without any problems.

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Re: Unity on Win2kSvr

We are doing the same thing as Ali and it works great. Our Win2k server hosting the Unity service is just a member server in our domain.


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Re: Unity on Win2kSvr

Here's a tech tip regarding this configuration:

Cisco Unity 2.4(6.x) Windows 2000 Member Server in an NT 4.0 Domain


This document addresses the requirements involved when installing Cisco Unity 2.4(6.x) on a Windows 2000 member server inside a Windows NT 4.0 domain.


In order for Cisco Unity 2.4(6.x) to be supported on Windows 2000 Server inside a Windows NT 4.0 domain, it must be installed as a member server. Cisco Unity 2.4(6) is not supported on a Windows 2000 domain controller (DC) inside of an NT 4.0 domain.

Only Microsoft Exchange 5.5 is supported in this configuration. Microsoft Exchange 2000 is not supported in Cisco Unity 2.4(6.x).

If the Active Directory Connector (ADC) is installed and a Connection Agreement (CA) is setup, do not replicate the Cisco Unity container in Exchange 5.5 or your Cisco Unity server may become inoperable.

Before You Begin

For instructions on installing a Cisco Unity 2.4(6.x) system with Windows 2000, or upgrading Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 with Cisco Unity installed, please refer to the following Cisco Unity 2.4(6) release notes.

Note that the permissions needed to install Cisco Unity on a Windows 2000 server are the same as the permissions for Windows NT 4.0. These permissions are also documented in this release note.

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