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Unity ports after CCM reboot.

CCM 3.1.<br>Unity 3.0(2)<br>TSP 3.0(2)<br><br>Do you have to reboot Unity or restart all Unity services if the primary CCM it is homed on is rebooted? Same Q if a temporary change had to be made on the Voicemail ports in CCM.<br><br>I've had a situation where this happened, and I've had a couple of odd dead air occurances when people dial into VM externally. Ok internally, re-tried several times externally then VM intro came up!<br><br>Bit worried this could happen again, wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar?<br><br>Cheers...<br><br><br>


Re: Unity ports after CCM reboot.

The TSP should recover if it's CCM is restarted. If the external caller problem happens again, I'd try resetting the GW from CallManager's admin.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

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Re: Unity ports after CCM reboot.

I'll give that a go. I've already tried reseting the CallManager service, seems ok for now, just a bit odd.

FYI I had to make a temp change to the 1st VM port to bypass Unity, then later restored it to its original value and updated that one VM port. Then when I pressed the messages button I just got our default Unity message even if a subscriber had already enroled. CCM was skipping the 1st VM port for some reason. I restarted the CallManager service and then the messages button seemed to work, but not on all phones (split over to CCMs). Restarted CallManager service on that, same, odd, random phones not being recognised as being Unity subscribers.

Restarted each CCM server in turn (in the CCM config guide it mentions rebooting the server after you setup the VM ports and the Service Parameters) so thought I'd try that to be sure. Now all ok internally, but had this odd occurance when callers dialing in to check VM externally.

The TSP tests ok. I'll try the gateway if it occurs again.


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