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Unity problems, post GC/DNS/AD failure

Last evening, our GC/DNS had a severe hardware failure. We have built another DNS, and assigned a new GC, but now we are experiencing Unity problems. This is:

Most messages are not being delivered. They do not exist inside the Exchange box, nor are they listed when checked from the phone. If you create a message and address it inside Unity, it fails, saying that the message doesn't have a recipient. You can then address it, but the cycle just keeps repeating.

I notice that inside AD, there is an "Exchange Server" object under what was the failed DNS. Is there something I need to do to "reconnect" Unity? There are log entries on the Unity machine saying that it has resynchronized with the mail server, but functionality is not back.

In a panic,


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Re: Unity problems, post GC/DNS/AD failure

Additionally, the Unity OU is not present under Active Directory Users and Computers.

Also, any caller who calls into us from an external phone line can leave and create a message which is delivered immediately. If the call is made internally, the message is never delivered.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity problems, post GC/DNS/AD failure

If you're global catalog server was renamed/rebuilt you need to edit the registry on the Unity server to "point" at this server. You'll find this setting in the registry under:

HKLM\Software\Active voice\Directory Connectors\DirSynchGlobal


The key name is "DefaultGlobalCatalogServer" and it expect the full name (i.e. "servername.domain.dom").

After changing this setting you will need to restart.

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Re: Unity problems, post GC/DNS/AD failure

Fixed it, many thanks :)


Re: Unity problems, post GC/DNS/AD failure

I am working on a quick tip for this. Long term, Unity will handle this on the fly.


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