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Unity recorded messages

Hi all,<br>our Unity server plays all announcements(i.e. greetings) in English. Can we re-record them in another language? Is there any possibility?<br><br>


Re: Unity recorded messages

Just so I understand what you're asking, let's make sure we're using the same terminology for which recorded files you mean:

Prompts: pre recorded WAV files Unity uses to construct the conversation. for instance "please hole on while I transfer your call" is a prompt.

Greeting: User recorded files that are played to outside callers. for instance "hi, this is Jeff and you've caught me away from my desk".

You can get system prompt sets done in any of a dozen or so languages and can have multiple sets installed at the same time (you pay for how many you want to be active at any given time).

Greetings are recorded in whatever language the user speaks in (i.e. there is only one set of greetings per subscriber/call handler). If you want to have multiple sets of greetings in deifferent languages you have to use multiple call handlers to do this.

if that's not what you're getting at, let me know...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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