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Unity Redundancy

I currently have the 2.4 version of Unity interfacing with Call Manager 3.0. I understand that the newer 2.4.5 will have simple failover capabilities. Is there anything I can do now? Currently the customer is using the unity box for to store mail until their real exchange server comes in. Also how do I go about configuring the Unity servers to load balance? Can they do that?<br><br>


Re: Unity Redundancy

HI Joe.

There’s no clean way to setup 2.4.0 in a fail over configuration since greetings cannot be easily replicated between the two boxes. When the primary box goes down and the secondary box picks up calls, they will be routed to the failsafe in some situations which is clearly not acceptable.

2.4.5 changed the greeting storage scheme such that the directory on the hard drive that stores the greetings can simply be setup to replicate between the primary and secondary Unity boxes allowing a simple fail over scheme to be possible. This will require, of course, that users be homed on an Exchange box external to both Unity boxes. If you have messages stored on the Exchange server on the primary Unity box and that goes off line, you’re obviously not going to be able to get at them.

There’s no load balancing capability in Unity at this time. A “sea of Unitys” project is under way that will put the framework in place to support a clustering type functionality that will allow balancing and much more robust failover capabilities but there’s still much work to be done before that’s ready for prime time. I don’t have a target release date for that at this point.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
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