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Unity registry settings

We were recently infected by the Nimda virus. We followed all of the steps outlined in the Recovering from the Nimda Virus document published on 9/20. After we used the Trend Micro tool and applied all appropriate patches, we lost all of our recorded greetings (both subscribers and call handlers). We tried to rerecord them both through the phone menu and by using the SA Web page. When you select Greetings under either a CallHandler or Subscriber the red record button is grayed out. If you try to record it via the voice tree from your IP phone, you get the message "Sorry this system is temporarily unable to complete your call, please call again later". Working with TAC, we reloaded Unity (ver. to replace missing or corrupted files. This had no effect. TAC believes that maybe the registry settings were altered. Can you tell me what registry settings apply to Unity and what they should be set at? Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Will Powers<br>LSSi Corp.<br><br>


Re: Unity registry settings

I think the most likely scenario is the share that has all the stream files (*.STM extensions) holding all greetings got renamed, locked down or removed. If you look under the
\Exchsrvr\RES directory you should see a directory named the same as the server. The RES directory should have a public share on it called "Resources" that's open to read/write for everyone. All the greetings for all subscribers and call handlers is under that directory named with the server name.

If that appears to be setup, we can dig around in the registry (there's a few long shot items I can think of) but I'm betting something in and around this share is your problem. If it's locked down or missing you cannot record any new greetings and all existing ones will be stranded in there... fits the description nicely.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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Re: Unity registry settings

You nailed it on the head. Thankyou so much for your quick (and obviously educated) response. All greetings and record capablitities are now restored.

Will Powers
LSSi Corp.

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