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Unity server H/W upgrade

We are planning to upgrade the drives in our existing Unity server and,at the same time, want to change the OS from NT to 2000 in preparation of moving to Unity 3.X down the road. In order to do this we need a complete backup of the exchange 5.5 information stores and Unity settings(Call Handlers). We want this to be as seamless to the end user as possible. What seems to be the big hurdle is retaining passwords and messages. We do not have Backup Exec but would be willing to look at purchasing the product if it does all that plus what NT backup includes (NT acounts, information stores etc.). The Export/Import utility works fine but again, we are looking at retaining passwords. What I am reading indicates that the Export/Import utility doesn't retain passwords and sets up the user for self enrollment again plus resets all passwords to a default one. On top of that, does our exising registry settings in NT need to be exported to our new 2000 server or does specific keys need to be created? Thanks <br><br>Don<br><br><br><br>


Re: Unity server H/W upgrade

In 2.x land the Export/Import is probably about as good as it gets and there's simply no way to preserve passwords easily. In 3.1(x) the DiRT utility handles the passoword preservation since it's stored encrypted in SQL and I can just cart the entire SQL DB around as is without having to pull info out and push it back in property by property as I do in 2.x going through the DOH.

Since the PWs are stored in a one way hash which can't be unencrypted (i.e. I can check a PW against it but I can't figure out what the PW itself actually is) there's no way for me to pull out the original PW and reapply it on the new system as users are imported. If I could that would indicate a pretty insecure encryption mechanism which would be bad in its own right.

Another option, by the way, is to upgrade your 2.4.6 system to Windows 2000 (you can do this "standing"). then use whatever mechansim you want (drive copy tools, tape backup restore etc...) to get to new drives on the box. This would preculde the need to export/import Unity data until you head to 3.x... the migration to 3.x will require you to reset passwords regardless.

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Re: Unity server H/W upgrade

Hi guys,
we are upgrading the drives in our existing Dell power edge 2400 server so they are configured with Raid. To do this we are setting up a test server to take over while our production server is being upgraded. With this being said, we are also going from a NT to W2K platform. We've had success setting up the test server with W2K, Exchange 5.5, moving the NT accounts and information stores. Unity is now installed and the Import/Export utility appears to have taken almost everything over accept what is identified in the documentation for the utility. I noticed today that we missed the exch/Res// directory and copied it over. The TSP I am using is and I am confident on how it is configured to talk to our Callmanagers. My question is more geared around what we might have missed. Since we are using NT backup and not backup Exec and this is all new to us here, can you advise us on anything else that should be checked. My main concern is items in the registry that need to be manually set. I have know problem with the wave gain utility but thought I should at least run this by the gurus. We are having no trouble moving the dongle from our production server to our test server to set things up but did notice the other night that it must be replaced or voice mail stops. So in the over all scheme of things, this test server will, temporarily, take over from the production box just long enough to get our new hardware and software installed and configured. Any suggestions would be appreciated especially when it comes to the registry. By the way we are still running but plan to get to the 3.x environment later this year. Our call managers are at 3.0.10. Thanks for all your help


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