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Unity Server RAID Failure?

Unity server is MCS-7925H-3.0-ECS2, 2 hard drives configured RAID-5.

Last reboot noticed there was an error that no MegaRAID was found, and in the event log was:

Event Type: Error

Event Source: IDE_RAID_SYS

Event Category: None

Event ID: 6004

Date: 2/18/2008

Time: 12:01:32 PM

User: N/A

Computer: UN-PW-01


No MegaRAID IDE adapter found.

Server is working for now, but is this an indication of a pending failure? I used to be able to see the RAID configuration using the Compaq ACU but it won't connect anymore.

I had a thermal event a month ago when the A/C in the server room went out and the temp rose to +100 degrees for a couple hours. My CallManager server HDD crashed as a result of this, but everything else has been working.


Re: Unity Server RAID Failure?

It might be best if you contacted Cisco's TAC so they can ensure everything really is okay and working properly. Heat can do really nasty things to computers if they're allowed to fry for too long.

Re: Unity Server RAID Failure?

Sometimes, if you have a drive that is blinking in the front (HP) it will say that it has an error. Since it is an H3, you should be able to pull out the drive while running, leave it out for about 10 seconds, then push it back it. This will tell the RAID controller to start a rebuild on the inserted drive. Sometimes these drives are too sensitive and just need to be pulled out, then pushed back in. I have had numerous drives tell me they have failed, when really, they just need to be pulled, and pushed back in.

Make a DIRT back up also!


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