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Unity Services Not Starting

We are a recent Active Voice Reseller and are building a Unity demo server in our lab. I followed the installation guide word-for-word, and have applied the AV-Cisco TSP update and associated switch file (Cisco0002.ini). We are integrating with a CallManager 3.05a Server, and TSP setup and testing were successful. The Unity Server fails to start, with the following messages appearing in the Event Viewer (in order):<br><br>Source: MALEx_MC, ERROR: Last Category An error occurred while trying to access/and create MAPI profile Unity System Profile. <br><br>Source: Doh_MC, ERROR: Doh logon failed due to messaging component logon error: 800404b5H<br><br>Source: AvArbiter_MC, ERROR: Unable to log onto the Doh. <br><br>Source: AvCsServices_MC, ERROR: AvCsMgr: Component Arbiter initialize failed. <br><br>Source: AvCsServices_MC, ERROR: Manager service (AvCsMgr) failed to initialize the component manager.<br><br>Some additional details on the installation... Component system/Unified messaging - one Exchange server installation on clean server, Clean Windows NT4.0 Install (PDC), new Exchange Server, no ActiveFax, no fax or voice boards, ip only.<br><br>Any assistance would be appreciated.<br><br>Brian Carscadden<br>Sr. System Engineer<br>CCNA, CCDA, Cisco Telephony Certified, MCP, A+<br>TransNet Corporation<br><br><br>


Re: Unity Services Not Starting

I'm assuming this is Unity 2.4.0 120?

From the first error message in the event log, I'm guessing you guys got an error at the end of your initial setup processes saying that it couldn't configure the default database and it gave you the option to continue and do it later... is that the case?

If the MAPI profile isn't there, we're not getting off the runway... everything downstream from that will fall down (which is what you see in your event log). We have to have access to the message store and that's done throught his profile.

This looks like the classic MAPI redirection bug in Microsoft land. In the 2.4.5 setup we've taken steps to get around this by forcing it to point at the right DLL. MS has a "redirection DLL" that's just a stub that tries to be smart about poiting the calling application to the correct MAPI.DLL since there are several of them on the box for various applications. It get's fouled up fairly easily. They have tools to fix the stub settings but they're command line driven and fairly complex and easy to screw up.

your best bet is to call our support folks who can either manually create the profile for you or run a tool to fix the redirection problem... or you can get hold of the 2.4.5 version which has this built into the setup.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice


Re: Unity Services Not Starting


Thanks for the reply. This was right on the mark. I rebuilt the server again everything appears fine now. I recall a significant delay when restarting NT after the Outlook98 install - during the "NT is writing unsaved data to disk" part". I had cut the power too soon and this was likely the source of the previous MAPI issue. Anyhow, everything appears to work fine now.

Many thanks,


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