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Community Member

unity sign-in

Is there a way to modify the timers when in the sign-in handler??

Cisco Employee

Re: unity sign-in

There is no sign in "handler" per se, there's a sign in conversation - what is it you want to change?

Community Member

Re: unity sign-in

customer is complaining that when it asks for you id the re-prompt is too quick

Cisco Employee

Re: unity sign-in

No, there's no way to exetend the pause there between reprompts - they can just dial digits any time (i.e. no need to wait for the prompt to finish). It's a pretty decent amount of time in there already, I'm having a hard time imagining what folks are doing here that's taking so long...

Either way, if you get in a real jam and they are pressing you for action you could probably append some silence onto the end of one of the prompts in the sign in conversation I suppose which would appear to be pausing longer. Not pretty and you'd lose the chanes on upgrades and TAC wont support prompt changes like this but if you need to that's an option.

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