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Unity Standard/Closed

During standard hours I would like the main line to ring before menus are nabled, but is there a way to have calls after closing to bypass ringing and go straight to the menus in unity (press 1 for location, etc.)? I am using 3.1(1) and Callmanager 3.12c.



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Re: Unity Standard/Closed

If I'm understanding your scenario here you should be able to do this by using the transfer rules... the standard transfer rule for the call handler in question in this case would be set to ring an extension and the off hours rules would be set to not transfer, but go right to the off hours greeting. Of course how calls are getting to the call handler in the first place can make a difference here (i.e. if the call handler is assigned an extension that is forwarding into Unity the transfer rules are skipped when that handler is process to avoid "looping" calls).

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Re: Unity Standard/Closed

In this case, the main line is a subscriber. Would I need to change the main line to a call handler from subscriber? That should work. The main reason why the main line is a subscriber now is so that it has it's own user account for central administration of voicemails and emails for the Administrative Staff to share without using distribution lists. If this will work the same with the call handler, then I will modify. I was under the impression that you can redirect voicemails from a call handler but not have an actual voicemail account.

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Re: Unity Standard/Closed

yes, you'll need to use a call handler since it has 3 contact (transfer) rules and subscribers just have the one.

Call handler can be configured to send their messages to any subscriber or public distribution list you like... this is configured on the "messages" page on the call handler section in the SA.

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