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Unity Text to Speech issue

Does anyone know if version 4 will be able to have the text to speech session read the "from" category in an e-mail message? Right now it starts of with the subject line and that's ok but it would be great to know who it was from BEFORE the message started :) Thats's the way most people I know mentally sort e-mails, based on who it's from and then the subject line.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Text to Speech issue

Not in the release of 4.0(1)... it's on the list for a follow on release though. It does, by the way, play a voice name if the email is from a subscriber.

Re: Unity Text to Speech issue

Thanks Jeff,

One more thing. Is there any way to tweak the RealSpeak voice to get smoother playback? It's pretty good as is but some words tend to roll together. The Unity demo I heard at MEC2001 seemed to be a lot smoother and VERY realistic. Is my memory just playing tricks on me?


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Text to Speech issue

there's no tweaking you can do that I know of... not sure what they would have done to make it sound smoother.

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