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unity transfer to operator issue

We would like to set up caller input, press 0 transfer to operator. However, I press 0 after I heard the opeining greeting, I always heard " Sorry, the operator is not available, you may record your message after the tone. When you finished..."

Any ideas about that? or I need some special configuration.I just used the default configuration except I locked 0 under the caller input.

CallManager 3.3(3), unity 4.0(2) integrated with Exchange 2000.

Thanks in advance!

New Member

Re: unity transfer to operator issue

How are you sending the call from the opening greeting to the operator? "Send to greeting for" or "Attempt transfer to"? How's the operator call transfer settings configured?

You should be doing an "attempt transfer to" the operator and have the operator's call transfer settings configured to "Yes, ring subscriber at this extension". Make sure that extension can be reached by the voice mail ports (check their calling search space), and make sure that call transfer rule is active when you make your test (it's "Enabled" and the schedule doesn't send it to another call transfer rule).


New Member

Re: unity transfer to operator issue

Yes, I chose " Attempt transfer to".

We used ip phone and tranditional phone. The operator was on the pbx side. From ip phone press 0 to the operator, it works fine. But from unity, it lost. I would like to choose "Yes, ring subscriber at this extension". But I didn't know what is behind 0 in the pbx. We used Meridian Option 11C.


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