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unity transfers failing

I have a Unity live server that suddenly stopped transferring calls this afternoon at one of our other offices (no Unity techs there). The TSP driver is version <br><br>What happens is, an outside callers calls into the Unity system, they hear the main greeting "Thank you for calling...if you know you party's extension...", they dial a person's 4 digit extension, Unity says "transferring" & then immediately goes to idle in status monitor. The outside caller then gets dead air until they hangup the phone.<br><br>Does anyone know what this could be? I have spent the entire day trying to figure this out. Our other site is kinda out a voicemail system since Unity will not transfer to any extensions.<br><br>I noticed from the main greeting if an outside caller dials a person's extension + #2 then Unity takes the outside caller to that person's greeting at least (even though it didn't ring the phone).<br><br>All the call transfers in Unity are not ringing the phones they are supposed to ring.<br><br>I checked the application event log. The only error was an exchange 5.5 error about running out of licenses.<br><br>Thank you in advance for the help on this issue.<br><br>


Re: unity transfers failing

It sounds like there is definitely a problem completing the transfer when there's a gateway involved. Which version of CCM is being used? There are some updated versions of Unity/CCM/TSP which address problems of this nature.

Scott Morgan
Cisco Systems TAC

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