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Unity Upgradation on new server

My client is having 2.4.6(102) running on winnt as a memebr server with exchange 5.5 on the same server with sp4. This is only voice messaging. I have to upgrade unity to version 3.1(3or4) on a server with win2k and exchange 5.5 with sp4 on a entirely different server. The way I am planning to upgrade the server is as below,

1.Install win2k on new server with different name and IP address.

2.Join the new server to the existing domain.

3.Install exchange 5.5 with the same serviece account with which old exchange server and unity was installed. Join the new exchange server to the same site which unity server is using.

4.Install fulldbexport and export all the database on older unity server.

5.Pullout the unity server from network.

6.Install fulldbimport on the new server and import the database.

7.Now I want to transfer messages of all the subscribers, I will move the mailboxes from one exchange server(old) to new exchange server.

I would like to know whatever I have mentioned and am I planning is anything to be added or to be corrected anything. Regarding messages part is that going to work if I will move the messages from one exchange server to another. Any precautions to be taken while doing the above mentioned things.

Is anybody done the transfer of messages like this. Please correct me if anybody is having better idea than this.

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Re: Unity Upgradation on new server

Your plan is right on. Here's the link on upgrading 2.4 to 3.1:

I don't think the different unity server name should cause any problems.

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Re: Unity Upgradation on new server

Does moving mailboxes from one exchange server to another will work as expected.

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Re: Unity Upgradation on new server

Yes, Unity will be updated automatically when you move a mailbox. Take a look at this link for our definitive guide on moving mailboxes and Unity:

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