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Unity upgrade 2.4.6 to Unity 4.02

Current enviroment:

Unity 2.4.6 135 running on an Exchange 5.5 server. A new server will be used for Exchange 2000.


Would like to upgrade all users to Exchange 2000 onto the new box and use the original box for Unity only. Unity will be upgraded as well.

Action: Correct me if this is wrong

1) Export Unity using the Export tool

2) Uninstall Unity 2.4.6 from Exchange 5.5 on the original box

3) Install E2k into the same site as E5.5. Migrate all users over to the new server

4) Retire/Remove the Exchange 5.5 server from the picture.

5) Wipe the original box clean and install new OS and Unity 4.0.2

6) Import data back into 4.0.2 server

7) If everything works, then users will be on E2k with 4.0.2 running

Talked to TAC, but they have me to do the following:

install e55 on the new box

Migrate the users

do the 2.4.6 export (from the upgrading from 2.4.6 to 4.0 doc)

shut down Unity

upgrade exchange to 2000

install unity 4.0

import the users into 4.0

I want to use my 1st method since it is faster and cleaner (Exchange will not need to be upgraded on the same box). Anyway, let me know which way works. I am not sure whether the Export/Import tool requires the original Exchange server name.

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Re: Unity upgrade 2.4.6 to Unity 4.02

Well, this is the 2nd one of these you've posted (I deleted the first assuming it was a mistake) - are you just checking to see if your posts are coming through?

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Re: Unity upgrade 2.4.6 to Unity 4.02

The first post was lost (i thought) when my browser went haywire. Yes, it is the same post and it can be deleted. According to Keith, my 1st method will work so i will follow that this weekend unless you have a better way to do this. :)


Re: Unity upgrade 2.4.6 to Unity 4.02

Personally I would take the approach you outlined. Either way you are going to have to go mixed mode for a period and you are correct that you can save a step.

There isn't one supported way to do it so you will be supported either way.

Hope this helps...


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