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New Member

Unity upgrade to 4.0(3)

We're currently running Unity 2.6 and are seeing what TAC says may be version mismatch issues with CCM 3.3. (issues aren’t germane to this discussion, though) The recommended solution is for us to upgrade Unity to the newer version. That has raised a boatload of issues, though.

Current config is Unity running on a W2K AD DC for its own domain with exch 5.5 running on the same box. No BDC, no other exch boxes in that site or org. Yes, I know; the eggs-to-basket ratio is high, but I didn’t design this. I inherited it. :-(

Current domain infrastructure is NT4/exch 5.5, but a separate AD is already implemented and migration is starting. Users won’t be cut over for a month or so, though. Enterprise consists of around 100 users.

We are also planning a migration to exch 2K or 2K3 early next year. We also have new hardware to use as the new Unity server.

So, here are my questions.

1. We can either do a fresh build of Unity 4.0(3) and build the configs from scratch, or we can upgrade from 2.6 to 4.0(2) and use the FullDBimport utility to migrate our current configs, then upgrade again from 4.0(2) to 4.0(3). I’ve read the documentation on the migration and understand where we’ll hit some snags, but it doesn’t look like any major issues.

Question is, has anyone done the migration route and how well did it work? We’ve got some junk in the current implementation and I don’t really want to move it over, but cleaning it up post-migration MIGHT be easier than rebuilding the configs from scratch. The other side of that is that we can run the two systems side-by-side during the migration weekend and just copy the configs we want. Any thoughts on the best method?

2. I’m strongly considering moving to a unified messaging environment. I’d like to move the VM into our current email exch system and move the accounts to the new AD. Single logon, single exch server. Simpler. Only catch is that we need to use the NT 4 domain authentication for another month. Trusts and SID history are working, though. Any reasons not to do this?

3. Since we’re planning an exch upgrade soon, what do I need to watch out for? It looks like the configuration for E3K/E3K3 is substantially different than the exch 5.5 config. I’m wondering if the exch upgrade should happen first. Problem is, there’s a huge push to do the Unity upgrade now. If I do the Unity upgrade now and then do the exch upgrade, what will break?

4. If we perform the upgrade route, the documentation tells me that unity will create mailboxes for the subscribers. Can I massage the export .csv to have unity utilize the existing mailboxes? I don’t want duplicate mailboxes; the idea is to have the single mailbox.

5. How well does the unified messaging/PCA interface work for your end users? Is it ready for primetime or should we stick with a VM only environment? I’d rather mover forward to UM if it’s a decent end-user experience.

6. Anyone using OWA for E2K3 and UM? Is it working well?

OK; that should cover it for now. :-) Nothing like a few easy questions, eh? <G>


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity upgrade to 4.0(3)

Well… you’ve certainly covered a lot of territory in here – probably scared most folks off. You might consider breaking these into separate posts rather than one, frightening behemoth. Some of this sounds like you’re asking for field experiences from other customers here rather than input from the BU itself, but I’ll weigh in on a few of these anyway.

1. If it were me, I’d probably take the hit and rebuild those users from scratch rather than carting a bunch of garbage you don’t want over and cleaning it up after upgrading. It’d best to start clean if you can – but that, of course, depends on how much “junk” it is and how junky it is. One thing you left out is if both the new and old system were using the same mail users in the directory – if so, using FullDBImport/Export will likely be a better move (less over all down time). If not (i.e. they’re on separate directories) I’d definitely go with building from scratch while the 2.4.6 system is flying.

2. No reason not to do that.

3. Here’s a link to a doc that talks about migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 (presumably you mean E2K there and not E3K – either that or you’ve got some _really_ beta software ;->). This may answer some questions about what to plan for:

4. The FullDBExport creates a large MDB file, not a CSV. And no, editing it’s contents is not supports and not a good idea (you have to make sure to properly edit both the Alias and UID columns among other things). I’ve had a few sites get cute and try it anyway and then sheepishly call asking if I can help clean their system up. No thanks. If the import creates new accounts (i.e. the mail aliases on your VM system don’t line up with the corporate email system) you can also use the ‘Migrate Subscriber Data’ tool to move that user information from the new boxes onto the appropriate corporate email box. This will move messages as well. It’s a bit tedious to do this for large numbers of users since you have to do the mappings one at a time but it does work for this. You’ll find the tool, its help file and a training video here:

5. I’ll leave that for other customers to weigh in on (it works great for me!)

6. With respect to OWA – there’s no TRAP (telephone record and playback) plug in for OWA and you can’t generate new voice messages from that interface – all you can do is play voice mail by selecting the attached WAV files. I do this from home sometimes rather than firing up the full Outlook client. It’s fine insofar as that goes but be aware it’s not as functional as Outlook with the VMO plug in.

New Member

Re: Unity upgrade to 4.0(3)

OK; good stuff. Thanks. I figured that with a big post, I wouldn't get a lot of answers, but I might get a couple of good ones. :-) And yes, customer experience is valuable. Our current unnamed VM support partner hasn't exactly provided us with frank information about things like this...

A few things.

We are on separate directories now. Mail is one org, VM is a different one, in a different AD domain. So, there are two user accounts and mailboxes for each user. We're collapsing both our data authentication and VM domains into one new AD domain, built from scratch, not an upgraded domain. With around 100 users, it sounds like a scratch build would be better, especially with the lack of support for massaging the import files.

I looked at the MSD tool. Sounds good, but it says "The Migrate Subscriber Data tool can by used only with Cisco Unity version 3.1(2) or later."

Sounds like that means it won't run against my 2.6 version. Would have been a nice help, though.

The migration doc is good, but we are moving to E2K3 (I sometimes abbreviate that sloppily...). Couldn't find a similar doc for E3K3. Got a good link to that?

I also notice that doc speaks to the cutover from e5.5 to e2k with the option of migrating mail-enabled AD users into the new directory, or using DiRT. But DiRT doesn't support unity prior to 3.1. Sounds like the decision is being made for me... :-)

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

Any other customers out there that have moved to this environment that want to weigh in on their experiences?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity upgrade to 4.0(3)

From Unity's stand point migration from 5.5 to E2K is no different than going from 5.5 t E2K3 - so there's not a seperate version of that document.

New Member

Re: Unity upgrade to 4.0(3)

The "Cisco Unity Reconfiguration and Upgrade Guide (With Microsoft Exchange)," available at, has doc on upgrading from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000.


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