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Unity upgrade - 3.1 to 4.0, VM to UM and adding failover

I’d like some thoughts on how I go about changing a customer’s Unity config – we need to move from 3.1 to 4.x, also go from one VM and one UM server to all on one UM…....and also configure failover.

Setup is:

2 unity servers, one VM (500 users) one UM (only 10 or so users), both homed to same exchange 5.5, offbox.

VM users are homed to their normal email inboxes (one of the reasons for changing is the licensing issue this causes.)

Initial plan was to gradually move users from VM to UM, now want to move all at once.

Also want to upgrade to 4.x, and if possible use the second server as a failover server.

My thoughts on this were:

As most users are on the VM server, and use the same mailboxes now as they will when all are UM:

Upgrade the VM server to Unity 4.x

Upgrade the licence, VM to UM

Decommissions the exsiting UM server, and clean the 10 or so accounts on here, then recreate/re-home the users as new subscribers on the new box

Does this look like a feasible way of doing things? After upgrade to 4.0, is the VM to UM upgrade a case of applying a new licence file and installing VMO?

I also have concerns about how the licensing will work with this, we have currently 499 VM licences, 200 UM (both 3.1) and need to finish up with about 570 UM , Unity 4.0 licences on one server.

Can we do one version upgarde to 4.0 and convert and use all licenses on one server?

Failover – once all this is done, and we have one UM server, the customer would like to use the 2nd de-commissioned server for failover.

As the existing servers use MSDE, is there a method of integrating failover using the second server? I had intended to rebuild it, join the domain and install a failover license.

Would an alternative be to backup rebuild and restore the server in use, with SQL instead of MSDE?

Thanks for any help.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity upgrade - 3.1 to 4.0, VM to UM and adding failover

OK… lets see if we can cover all these here

Yes, the steps you have laid out there (upgrade to 4.x, update license to UM…) will work fine.

You’ll need to be sure to delete the users on the existing UM server before decommissioning it, of course, so that they can be reimported into the new server you’re creating – sounds like you were planning on that, just making sure.

I’m not sure what you’re asking about the licensing here – you’ll have to talk with your account team about converting your existing VM and UM licenses into one big UM license on the new server – I’m sure they can accommodate you but they’ll have to deal with that for you, that’s not a regular operation that’s performed during upgrades or the like. They’ll likely issue you an upgrade code for your existing VM server that will convert it to UM and add more seats – I’d guess they’ll give you a credit for your existing UM server you have licensed but again, that’s a discussion for your account team.

If the license also adds failover there should be no problem using the other box as your failover server – just make sure you get a license for it and follow the installation guide for failover – shouldn’t present any special issues. The install guide includes a section on upgrading to failover that you may want to look over if you haven’t already – you’ll find the chapter here:

The install guide for 4.0(3) contains a section on how to upgrade MSDE to SQL 2000 – you’ll find the chapter here:

Hope that helps


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