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Unity upgrade from 3.0(2) to 3.1(5) - Voice Connector?

I am trying to understand the AMIS & Voice Connector part of the upgrade.

Page 6 of the Release notes for Upgrade to Unity 3.1(5) have you log onto the exchange server (ours is an off box 5.5) and check the version of file SetupRes.dll

Did the initnal install of Unity 3.0(2) install this on the exchange server? I have looked on the exchange server under c:\Exchsrvr\connect there is no voice folder, The instructions on page 6 say on the exchange server browse to c:\exchsrvr\connect\voice\bin\localizedFiles\ENU

Page 7 talks about AMIS and Voice Connector Requirements for Upgrading to Unity 3.1(5)

Bottom of page 7: AMIS on a Cisco Unity 3.0(x) through 3.1(1) system.

Can anyone point me where to uninstall this before I upgrade to 3.1(5) the new install will update it.


Re: Unity upgrade from 3.0(2) to 3.1(5) - Voice Connector?

The Voice Connector has a separate setup program and is not part of the Unity install. Sounds like the Voice Connector was never installed on your system.

There were problems with AMIS in 3.0 - 3.1(1), which is the reason for all topics in the release notes about removing AMIS and the Voice Connector. You only need to be concerned with all of that if you had AMIS setup on Unity in 3.0(2).

If you did attempt to setup AMIS in 3.0(2), then that means there would be AMIS locations created, the UAmis_ mailbox would exist in Exchange, and possibly there would be AMIS subscribers. The section in the release notes called "AMIS on a Cisco Unity 3.0(x) Through 3.1(1) System" details how to uninstall all of this stuff.

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Re: Unity upgrade from 3.0(2) to 3.1(5) - Voice Connector?

OK Thanks...

I am sure that I did not install it, also I do not have any subscribers in Exchange like that. Also in Unity under Networking AMIS is grayed out.


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