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Unity upgrade issue

Problem Description: Our network is running call manager 3.1 with unity 2.4.6 having exchange 5.5 as the message store. recently we migrated the standalone exchange 5.5 message store to exchange 2000 which holds the subscribers. After the exchange migration unity 2.4.6 is not starting. I did a research and found that unity 2.4.6 does not work with exchange 2000. My question is

1. we still have the local copy of the exchange 5.5 on the unity 2.4.6 which is still untouched, can we point the unity to local exchange 5.5 store ?

2. Since the exchange 2000 is installed in mixed mode, won't the unity supposed to work with the 2000 message store ?

3. Is there a way in which i can move the exchange 2000 message store into the unity 2.4.6 machine which holds the exchange 5.5 ?

Thanks in advance for the help



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity upgrade issue

If you have a bi directional ADC to the local Exchange 5.5 server it sounds like you have destroyed your Unity database entirely and will have to start from scratch.

No, you cannot run Unity 2.x with Exchange 2000, even in mixed mode. The properties stored in the directory by 2.x do no get transported to AD and back cleanly - the ADC tries to translate some of these objects into it's "best guess" and mangles them. Further, Unity 2.x cannot log into mailboxes homed on Exchange 2000 - the login sequence is different and the rights structure is completely different than 5.5.

short story - you need to get 3.1 and install fresh against your 2000 environement.

New Member

Re: Unity upgrade issue

First of all, how did i break the unity database. and furthermore, if i disconnect the exchange 2000 and add subscriber to the local unity / exchange 5.5 , will my unity work ?



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity upgrade issue

As mentioned, if you put a two way connection agreement in for the ADC, it makes it's "best guess" for some of the objects Unity 2.x puts in the directory (i.e. call handlers) and when it sycns back into the Exchange 5.5 directory it's mangled. If you didn't have a two way connection agreement then this wouldn't have happened and you're fine.

If you disconnect the local Exchange 5.5 system from any two way replication (from 55 out to AD is fine, just back again is not) - if you create mailboxes on the 5.5 mailstore for all your subscribers then Unity 2.x should work fine.

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