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Unity user delete and sign-in problem

Issue #1 - I thought I had read a post from Jeff about something to do with the fact that Unity 4.0 does not, "out of the box," delete users from AD when they are removed from Unity using the SA ... I proved that today on a new install when I removed a user cleanly, yet the AD alias (and associated Exchange mailbox) were not automatically deleted ... I had to delete the alias manually from AD Users and Computers ... is there a fix for this behavior? we want to give some remote IT staff limited management of local users, including add and delete, but if Unity, under the SA, cannot delete them completely, it will change the process and include centralized management to complete the process ... I hope there is a fix

Issue #2 - I have two new Unity 4.0 installed servers, and a forward from CM for a special CH that forwards directly to sign-in, so that users can call a special DID for checking messages remotely ... the configuration is the same on both servers ... a CTI route-point on CM forwards the extension to Unity, which has the same DN on the VoiceMail CH ... the CH is set to 24-7, using the Standard Greeting transfer rule and Greeting ... I tried to set the Greeting to Blank, no user input, and immediate forward to Sign-in, but that didn't get it, the user still hears "X is not available, please hold ... ", then "Please enter your ID" ... On both servers I set the greeting to be a recording, but left it blank ... on one server, the user id forwarded directly to the Sign-in greeting, which is what I want, but the other still has the "X is not available" tag in front ... I do not understand why that is, as the configuration seems exactly the same ... please help!

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Re: Unity user delete and sign-in problem

#1 - no, there is no fix - this is not a bug. Unity has never, ever deleted AD/Exchange accounts when you remove subscribers from the SA. The danger here is just too great and we don't want to open that box. If you wish to delete accounts in AD or remove mailboxes you will have to do it externally. I think what you were remembering was me explaining that the _other_ way didn't always work because of a rights issue. When you delete a user in AD Unity _should_ always notice that and trigger an internal delete to clean that user out of the dataase locally. Because of a rights issue with the delted items folder in AD (addressed in the latest Permissions Wizard tool) we wouldn't "see" the deletion trigger.

That said, one of the code examples I'll be working on in a few weeks on will show you how you can do this on your own if you like but there are no plans to support this in the SA any time soon - the security hole it'd open up for UM sites is enormous and we simply can't do that.

#2 Couple things here - use the _alternate_ greeting here, not the standard... it'll remove any weirdness in differences in schedules between the two. Make sure the alatnerate transfer rule AND the alternate greeting are active on that handler and make sure the transfer rule is set to go directly to the greeting - sounds like one of them has an active transfer rule and one doesn't. Normally on a forwarded event the transfer rules are skiped but it's best to have it configured this way anyway.

That said, a call handler is not the right tool for this - you should just configure a routing rule that says any call coming in from this DN gets sent to the subscriber sign in conversation for the all hours/all days schedule. No greetings, no transfer rules, no mess... this is how I would do it.

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Re: Unity user delete and sign-in problem

Thanks for the response on #1 ... I'll discuss with the client how to go about this, but at least giving the site IT staff some level of control will help their situation. It makes sense about the security hole.

On #2, it's funny you should mention the routing rule. I tried and failed to successfully make a routing rule for the Greetings Administrator. The on-line doc explains how to make one, and I did so following the instructions, and even watched calls come on on the Call Viewer program to the correct DN of the rule, yet it never caught, instead going to the opening greeting. If I can figure out how to troubleshoot a routing rule, I would love to use them. Is there anything more that is needed other than a CTI route-point to hand the digits to Unity and a routing rule that matches the digits? Oh, I downloaded the demo of Greetings Administrator from the Monkey, and the solution there was to add it to the Opening Greeting as a one-key, so I did and it works! Still the routing rule idea is cleaner, and I like things that way.

Thanks again Mr. Lindborg!

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