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unity vm ports

my customer has 12 vm ports. their customers are reporting that sometimes they call into the main number and the system rings with no answer.<br>Unity is setup to take all calls to main number(like auto attendant) and then the customer dials an extention of choice. I think all the ports are being used up and that is causing the ringing without answer, but I'm not sure of this yet.<br>The last Unity port on CallManager is setup to roll to the first one. We also increased the hop count service parameter to 50. We thought this may hunt round and round the 12 ports until an open port becomes available. I tried this on my test system in the lab and it doesn't seem to work.<br><br>Does Unity have a report that I can run that will tell me if all ports are being taken up. Port Usage doesn't tell me what I need.<br><br>I hope this is clear:)<br><br>


Re: unity vm ports

The first thing you tried is not what you want to be doing. CallManager controls the state of the port and will rip through them in a fraction of a second and spike the CPU. You need to have the last port terminate or forward to another device that is not in the VM hunt.

I don't believe that we have a report today that will tell you when all ports are used. Unity can only tell you average usage over a period of time.


Keith Chambers
Unity Technical Lead
Unified Voice Team, San Jose
Cisco Systems


Re: unity vm ports

I'm actually working on such a report. 3.1(2) will include some extra logging from the arbiter I need to accurately produce such a report in 3.x. I'll post this report tool on AnswerMonkey when it's available. It'll show port usage broken down by the minute all day long and you should easily spot any times when there were no ports available for taking calls among other things.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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