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Unity VM users and NT Accounts

In the Unity advanced settings tool, I have enabled an option that allows me to specify whether or not I want to create an NT account for a Unity subscriber. I just discovered this and it is great because I have some voicemail only users that won't need NT permissions since they are not a member of my domain.

I'd like to know whether it is possible to revoke NT account rights to subscribers that I have created in the past before I discovered this option! It isn't an option to just recreate them.


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Re: Unity VM users and NT Accounts

I'm assuming you're using Exchange 5.5 in an NT 4.0 domain here? Obviously with Ex2K in AD everyone get's an AD account that's mail enabled, however you can restrict rights on the domain to just about nothing.

With 5.5 and NT 4.0 you should be able to just delete the NT account and reply that you don't want to delete the Exchange account - they're seperate but linked... each, however, can live without the other.


Re: Unity VM users and NT Accounts

I'm assuming you're working with Exchange 5.5 here...

You can open the Exchange 5.5 Administrator in raw mode (ie c:\exchsrvr\bin\ADMIN.EXE /r) and remove the value for the 'Primary Windows NT Account' from the mailbox. That breaks the link.

After than you can delete the AD/NT account if you want.



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Re: Unity VM users and NT Accounts

Sorry for not specifing, but it is a Native E2K and W2K domain... so is this setting not really valid then? I did try creating a user through the SA with "Create NT account" checked and then another with it unchecked and it looked like to me that the subscriber who I created without a check in the "Create NT account" box couldn't login to the domain but I could be wrong..

I'll try testing this again..



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