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Unity VMO Configuration and Add User Error

Is this an acceptable Unity VMO Configuration:

Unity 4.0.3 VMO

Unity server added to existing AD as member server.

Exchange 2000 installed on Unity server and is now part of Corporate Exchange Org.

Unity is only using the local exchange server as it message store and exchange server.

If this is an acceptable configuration....

I have this configuration installed and Unity is running with one issue. When I open Unity SA, go to subscribers, then click the plus (+) sign to add a user I get the following:


Error Fetching MailStore List (for server UNTYSVR1).


Check that the AVDSGlobalCatalog is registered and running.

Please see your system administrator for more details.


If I close this window and click the plus (+) again, I get:


Access Denied

Your System Administration session has timed out. All unsaved data has been lost. Use Refresh to reload the current object.

Please contact your system administrator for more details.


AVDSGlobalCatalog has been verified to be running.



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity VMO Configuration and Add User Error

hi Chris:

Can you check your app logs to see if u see something like this:

2/13/2004 11:02:04 AM CiscoUnity_DSGC Error Error 1032 N/A VOICEMAIL

"Within the past 60 minutes, the AvDSGlobalCatalog service failed each attempt to complete a full

directory synchronization between the SQL database on the Cisco Unity server and the directory.

If yes, open regedit and find DefaultDomainController and DefaultGlobalCatalogServer entries.

telnet GC-server 3268 -->does it connect?

telnet AD-server 389 -->does it connect?

If yes, setup the Macro traces for AvDsAd and AvDsGlobalCatalog.

Restart AvDsAd and AvDsGlobalCatalog server

Check the latest "diag_AvDSGlobalCatalog_*.txt" log under commserver\logs folder. Do you see an entry for a Distribution List with a forward-slash and E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME in the logs?

If yes, you are running into bug CSCeb07397 "GC sync fails with E_ADS_BAD_PATHNAME when DL contains

forward slash". The fix --> If you are running Unity 4.0(3), install "CiscoUnity4.0.3SR1.exe" from

This SR1 CANNOT be installed on anything BUT Unity 4.0(3)

I can't stress this enough - perform a backup first and make sure you know how to do a restore :-)

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