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Unity Voice mail delayed to be stored on Database


Our customer experienced the two problems on Unity 3.15 recently:

(1) One is that the messages were left on last friday were only getting to their voicemail boxes on this Monday!

(2) It was taking a long time to get prompts(eg. I would dial in my ID- usually I get an immediate prompt asking for my password but it is taking about 10 seconds before I get this prompt)

The environment is:E2k and unity is same box and voice only. unity is member server in NT PDC domain.

Does anyone know this reason?



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Re: Unity Voice mail delayed to be stored on Database

Are you sure you're running Exchange 2000? If the unity box is a member server of an NT4 domain, then I don't think you can install Ex2k.

1.) How often do you get reports of voice mails being delivered late? Are you monitoring the exchange queues to see if messages get backed up? What is Unity reported as the delivery date when you listen to the envelope information? Have you verified the box is using the proper timezone and has the proper time set?

2.) In this case, it's quite obvious you're having unity/exchange connectivity issues. Unity is immediately asking you for a username and password, but the pause you hear after that is Unity trying to log into Exchange. Any errors in the app event log? Look at this link:


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