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unity volume

How many voice message can i store on a single unity server per subscriber?

What is the duration of each voice message?

What is the number of unified message storesize of unity and the length of each unified message?

Does this calculation differ with introduction of another unity(digital networking)?

Cisco Employee

Re: unity volume

Unity doesn't limit the number of messages each user can have - this is a function of the Exchange mailbox limits - customers can apply levels to the entire site or on a per user basis if they wish. Here's a white paper that goes into some detail about how the storage limits work in Exchange 2000 that may be helpful:

You may also be interested in checking out the Message Store Monitor tool on - it has the ability to set mailbox limits for groups of users easily and also has very detailed reporting capabilities on storage usage trends.

I don't know how to answer "what's the durection of each voice message"... not sure what you're asking here - it's as long as folks talk up to the maximum record time allowed - the max record time can be limited on a per subscriber and per call handler basis as you wish.

The storage needed for messages depends on the codec being used... the default G711 uLaw uses 8 Kb/sec - so a 1 minute message would be around 480 Kb. However you can also choose to use G729a which uses about 1 Kb/sec so a 1 minute message would be 60 Kb. Here's a white paper on the audio codecs in Unity that will shed some more light on that:

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