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Unity will not start

Unity 3.0.2 running with CCM 3.1.2c. Unity will not start. First error in the event log is: MaLEX_MC<br><br>Event Type: Error<br>Event Source: MALEx_MC<br>Event Category: Error <br>Event ID: 30002<br>Date: 1/31/2002<br>Time: 9:08:09 AM<br>User: N/A<br>Computer: UNITY-UM<br>Description:<br>Last Category An attempt to access Exchange Private Store has failed: 80040111. The MAPI subsystem return the following error: The information store could not be opened. <br><br>Possibly related information:<br>Yesterday, we lost the W2k PDC. We rebuilt this, and converted the domain from Mixed to Native mode. Exchange is running in Native mode.<br><br>Outlook is NOT and has Never been on the box. For some reason, it isn't logging into the DOH. AD Replication is taking place. Multiple reboots hasn't helped. The syscheck utility returns:<br><br>Error Description<br><br>Error: Unexpected Error Occured in h:\commsvr\Sources\SysCheck\DohTests\GetTheDoh.cpp, line: 45, hr = : HRESULT 0x80004005<br><br>Resolution: Contact Technical Support.<br><br>We have a case open with TAC. So far, it hasn't been successful. Case number is c334121. I've been unsuccessful in getting him to escalate to you guys so far. Assistance appreciated. <br><br>Cliff McGlamry<br><br>


Re: Unity will not start

TAC figured it out. They deleted the MAPI profile in the registry and restarted and it came up. They have an internal document on this he sent me...might be a good thing to post here somewhere.


Re: Unity will not start

I think there's a tech tip that's avaialble for this as well... I'll hunt around for it and tack it on to this thread.

basically whenever you get a "failed to log in" for the MAL (messaging access layer) this is a MAPI problem of some sort. These are so frequent that the DOH guys built in the ability to dynamically create the message profile and the "Unity Messaging System" account in Exchange (the guy we send all outside caller messages through) and link them up on the fly at startup. To kick this in you should delete the profile (gotta do this in the registry to get it right) and the Unity messaging system account and restart.

More often than not that'll clear the problem (but of course, not always).

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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