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Unity with IP Key Switch and SRST

With Cisco's introduction of IOS code like 12.1.5YD (YD1-2)<br>and products like the Catalyst 4224 Voice Gateway Switch,<br>which has SRST built in, how can these technologies be<br>used to still provide access to deployed Unity's?<br><br>Can Unity work with a IOS IP Keyswitch? They allow for<br>a voice mail extension to be configured? I am guessing<br>that it could work using FXS ports into a 41e. But if that<br>is possible, how would I order Unity (assuming 4 ports)?<br>Can you get Unity as a nonCallManager item anymore, or<br>would this be a dual integration with no CallManager?<br><br>Does Unity work with SRST? I am specifically concerned<br>when Unity auto attendant functionality is used. <br><br>--- Thanks ---<br><br>


Re: Unity with IP Key Switch and SRST

I am not sure on how we sell Unity. You will probably want to work with you local account team to get more sales info.

I can comment on the SRS/Vespa code however.

Unity does not work with current shipping SRS code. Beyond the fact that the ports will not register it is important to point out that when in fallback mode, the phones don't have any CFNA/CFB functionality.

Vespa-2 is adding support of uOne and Unity for the KEYSWITCH and it already supports CFNA/CFB. So support is on the way.


Keith Chambers
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Re: Unity with IP Key Switch and SRST

Unity Auto Attendant at the central site w/the Call Managers should work with SRS. Yes, as you point out, when the remote site fails over you lose the CFNA/CFB as well as the Auto Attendant.



Re: Unity with IP Key Switch and SRST

Yeah, Unity can work with a SRST enabled router as long as the SRST in that router isn't enabled ; ) Know what I mean?

In the case where the WAN link has bitten the dust, Unity will be completely ignorant of that fact. It is still going to try to transfer to those remote site phones. If the transfer type is "release to switch", I suspect some problems. Just try relase transferring to a non-forwarded busy extension or an extension that doesn't exist, and you'll know what I am talking about.

Anybody out there doing this? If the WAN link goes down, and a new message is left for a remote site user, how long does it take for the MWI to come on after the WAN link has been restored? Any attempted transfer problems?

Steve Olivier
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Re: Unity with IP Key Switch and SRST

I'm doing a central site Unity AA with SRS at the remotes. If the WAN drops Unity is out of the picture and inbound calls ring the phones at the respective remote sites. When in failover the only calls going to a remote user's vm (at least with this customer) are likely to be from within the company. When the remote site comes back online and phones reregister w/CCM they will get MWI.

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