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Unity working between Exchange 2k routing groups

I am very confused about something... I have been told previously that a Unity server will not work with Exchange servers at multiple sites. For a customer, we have rolled out a Unity server at both the first and seconds sites. When I go to add new users in each Unity server, I can see users that are hosted by Exchange servers at BOTH sites. I can import them into Unity and they appear as normal subscribers, the only difference being the server that the user mailbox is hosted on. The Exchange servers at the two sites are located in different Exch2k Routing Groups.

When I send a message from a Unity voicemail account, I can follow the path using Exchange's Message Tracking Center. What I am confused about if I can see and import users with Exchange accounts in other routing groups, why won't Unity work with all the Exchange servers?


Re: Unity working between Exchange 2k routing groups

With Exchange 5.5 Sites it won't work but with Exchange 2000 Routing Groups it will.

Still, Cisco doesn't support Unity spanning Exchange 2000 Routing Groups because they're intended use is to split systems up that are not 'well connected'. Since Unity must have real time access to Exchange, this would cause problems.


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Re: Unity working between Exchange 2k routing groups

Thanks, Keith! That helps a lot!

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