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Unresponsive shutdown

How long should I wait when trying to stop Unity before deciding that the service is hung?

System is 4.0(2) with 12 Dialogic ports and 20 CCM ports. Right click on Unity in the task bar and select shutdown. I get a red arrow, and then nothing. After over five minutes the icon is still a red down arrow. I can't have the box down that long so I just reboot the entire server...Potential problems or fixes?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unresponsive shutdown

could be a number of things here... first, it may be the tray icon not updating properly - if you can check the services control manager and see if the AvCsMgr service is "stopping" or, indeed, stopped that would be helpful. If it is stuck in a stopping state for a period of time like that you can force the services down with a "Kill" command.

Kill can be found in the \commserver directory - run "Kill AV*.* -f" (the -f means "force") - this will stop all services that start with "AV" in a jiffy, no questions asked. you can then restart the services again without restarting the entire server. I use this method from time to time on systems where shut down gets stuck, although of late I haven't run into that on any of my systems.

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