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New Member

Unused DN's

Can someone please tell me why my OLD ancient Nortel can input a range of DN's and then tell me what is available for use but my New CallManager cannot even accomplish this without huge complication and excel spreadsheets, etc. This seems like a very very basic feature that should be there unless I am missing something???

New Member

Re: Unused DN's

I agree. I should be able to configure a phone and have it tell me what dn's are available while I'm configuring the phone. (Display next available number or something like that.)

In the mean time in CallManager you have to use the Route Plan Report to display what IS in use then look through the list to find available numbers.

Maybe in CM 5.X it will be fixed?

New Member

Re: Unused DN's

Actually - I have found a way to workaround this in the meantime. What I have done is use the BAT tool to load in a fake phone for each DID we have and I just give them all a Fake MAC address but I put in the actual DN and I put a description of "Unassigned". So now I have 200 phones in CM with DN's and I know they are not used by searching for "Unassigned".

New Member

Re: Unused DN's

We had the similar problem. Even worse, since we have a couple DID ranges with different providers.

I have created the Access database, linked it back to the CallManager, and I can generate a report of unused DNs at any time. Here is how it works:

1. I have created the empty Access database.

2. Created the table "dn-ranges" with a numbers from "0001" to "9999" (we have 4 digits DNs). Text filed named "dn".

3. Linked the "dbo_NumPlan" CCM database (linked, not imported).

4. Created the query to compare existing DNs against list of 0000-9999. Query string si something like:

SELECT [dn-ranges].dn

FROM dbo_NumPlan RIGHT JOIN [dn-ranges] ON dbo_NumPlan.dNOrPattern = [dn-ranges].dn

WHERE (((dbo_NumPlan.dNOrPattern) Is Null));

Now, when you open the query, you have a list of all UNUSED DNs. Since we have a couple "ranges", I added the "range name" to the "dn-ranges" table, and use this field as additional criteria for sorting/filtering.

I guarantee it works, but do it on your own risk. :-)

Michael Shavrov

New Member

Re: Unused DN's

Even better there is a javascript call that can pull out the number plan directly from callmanager.

I have an ASP script that gives me all the unassigned DNS. Ill try to post the code in the morning...

I think I got the code from an existing ASP script under the CCMADMIN folder something numberplandump.asp

New Member

Re: Unused DN's

thanks Jeff,

that would be great to try - i'm willing to try anything that will be helpful with this.

New Member

Re: Unused DN's

Here is my ASP script.

I have been testing updates to it this morning and it would work with a variety of set DID lengths.

You will need to edit the numbers in the first section to match your did range.

I would use this with care as it is meant to run on the Callmanager publisher.

Test it out after hours and watch your cpu load…

If you are interested The next part of my script (Not included here) was an ASP entry form to write out the BAT CSV file on the callmanager.


New Member

Re: Unused DN's

Thanks Jeff, I looked at it and it makes sense - but I will definitely do it after hours - Thanks again.

New Member

Re: Unused DN's

This really seems like a feature that CCM should have. Does anyone from Cisco know if something like this is in 4.2/5.0 or being planned for 5.1?

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