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uOne and Unity on Same CM Cluster

I have a uOne to Unity UM migration (customer requires that users can be migrated sequentially) and was told that I can:<br><br>".. setup both servers to talk to the CM cluster at the same time. If you are very tricky you can use calling search spaces, translation patterns and partitions to get the messages key working too."<br><br>My questions are:<br><br>1) To run Unity with the latest TSP it looks like I'll need CM 3.0.9 or higher. Do I need a particular CM version to have two voicemail servers on the same cluster? My guess is not but want to be sure.<br><br>2) Does anyone have any detailed documentation or procedures on how to setup CM so that users of either VM server can use the messages key to get to the appropriate server? I have an idea how I would go about this but, if it's already been done and documented, would prefer to save time.<br><br>Thanks.<br><br><br>


Re: uOne and Unity on Same CM Cluster

1. You don't need to have a specific version on CM to run both at the same time.

2. You can do this one of two ways:
a. You can give both of the voicemail servers the same DN but put the in different partitions. You would then assign the appropriate calling search space to the user's line.
b. You can use translation patterns with partitions and calling search spaces to translate the number the messages key is dialing to the pilot point for the appropriate voicemail DN.


Keith Chambers
Unity Technical Lead
Unified Voice Team, San Jose
Cisco Systems

New Member

Re: uOne and Unity on Same CM Cluster

Thanks Keith.

Option A sounds like the easiest but I'll have to get more information on their network. It looks to me like there might be issues calling into VM from the PSTN.

Option B was what I was thinking about but it seems like I'd have to make major CM changes to implement it.

Option C??? I was working with CM 3.1x during a Unity install and there is a new field under the line config for voicemail something or another. It is separate from the forward all, busy, no answer section. Could I use that field to override the system default messages key voicemail number? If not, does anyone know what it's purpose is?


Re: uOne and Unity on Same CM Cluster

For the Voice Mail field in CCM 3.1, what that does is it will send an alternate forwarding ID to the voice mail system instead of the "regular" DN of the phone. For instance, if the phone's line DN is 100, you could set the voice mail field to 200. When that phone forwards, 200 will show up as opposed to 100. Probably not what you are looking for.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

New Member

Re: uOne and Unity on Same CM Cluster

Thanks Steve. You are correct, not at all what I was looking for. Well, I still have option a & b. Have a good one.