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uOne Ports and Unity System Responses

I have created 8 ports in my CallManager (CiscoUM-VI1 - CiscoUM-VI8). Each port has its own extension and the if the first port (e.g., 4001) is busy it will "Forward Busy" to 4002 and "Forward No Answer" to 4002, and so on and so forth.<br><br>Problem:<br>If I press the messages button on my IP Phone, and it successfully connects to the Unity system on uOne port VI1 (4001), the "Unity lady" will ask for my password. However, if the uOne port VI1 is busy, (e.g., it accesses Unity from 4002), the "Unity lady" will say Hello Unity messaging system, prompting me to input an extension, etc. I would have expected to be requested for my password immediately, like on 4001.<br><br>Gets better. If I perform a NewCall directly to 4002, or any of the other configured uOne ports, from my phone the "Unity lady" will ask for my password immediately.<br><br>Our my Call Handlers messed up? Or am I messed up?<br><br><br>


Re: uOne Ports and Unity System Responses

You did not mention your Unity/TSP/CCM version information, but this problem has been corrected in the latest releases of the software. The behavior was caused because the calls would show up as a forwarded call from port 1 rather than a direct call from the subscriber's extension.

Upgrading the TSP should do it, but you may need to check the TSP release notes to be sure your CCM & Unity versions are qualified.


Re: uOne Ports and Unity System Responses

I thought that I had seen a compatibility matrix somewhere in the forum. Can someone post the link? How do I determine the TSP version?

CCM = 3.0(11)
TSP = whatever came with CD

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Re: uOne Ports and Unity System Responses

Here is the link to the last post about that - Unity version&Match=And&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=4862

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