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uOne to Unity migration tool

there is a uone to Unity Installation Guide at which instructs you to dump the uone users to a .ldif file and then "Run the uOne to Unity migration tool" which sounds like it should convert the .ldif file to a .csv file for importing into Unity.<br><br>I can't find a "uOne to Unity migration tool" anywhere.<br><br>Any ideas?<br><br>Stuart Coe<br><br>

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Re: uOne to Unity migration tool

Have you ordered/purchased the Uone to Unity Migration?

If you did, then you should have the tool available to you. If not available, contact support and or the sales representative.

If you did not order the Migration, please contact your Cisco sales representative. The information for ordering should be available with them.

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Re: uOne to Unity migration tool

We have been delivered the Uone to Unity upgrade - 3 x Unity CDs, Win2K CD, Message Store CDs etc.

Maybe I just don't know where to look for the uOne to Unity migration tool - can't find it in the commserver directory, can't find it in Unity Admin, can't find it under Start>Programs>Unity, can't find it on the CDs. where is it supposed to be?

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Re: uOne to Unity migration tool

If anyone reads this, I still can't find it. Surely someone must have done a uone to Unity upgrade?

Has anyone actually used this "uone to unity migration tool"


Re: uOne to Unity migration tool

This is supposed to be available on CCO with documentation here any day now... not sure why it's taking so long. In the meantime I posted the tool to my web page, you'll find it in the "General Tools" section at the bottom. As soon as it actually appears on CCO I'll take this page down.

The tool came with no documentation but you're supposed to be able to simply do an LDIF dump (using a batch file?) off of UOne which dumps out the stuff from Netscape's directory and then use this tool to convert it into a CSV file that Unity's Import tool can read. As far as I understand it, yoy only get alias, first/last name and extension out of this. No other information is preserved. I've never used uOne or this tool so I can't vouch for it... it's 4.5 megs zipped which seems really bloated for such a basic tool, but hey...

If you have any luck with it (or not), please post back here and let us know how it goes.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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Re: uOne to Unity migration tool

Thanks for that. The tool works fine and is easy to use. saved me a lot of typing!

4.5Meg program to convert a file format. Sledgehammer and nut springs to mind!

Thanks again.

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