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New Member

Updating greetings msg error

UM 3.15, E2k. Intecom pbx.

Saw the following errors on the logs, talked to user and he did not remember anything unusual while updating his greeting.

Event Type: Error

Event Source: AvConvMsg_MC

Event Category: Error

Event ID: 10002

Date: 9/19/2003

Time: 7:22:35 AM


IAvNamedProps::GetPropVariant returned [0x80040300] on line 1813 of file e:\views\cs_UE3.1.4.39\un_Conv1\AvConvSubscriber\AvConvSubGreetingsSvr\AvConvSubGreetings.cpp

Running conversation SubMenu on Port 2

Subscriber Display Name : G, Steve

Subscriber Alias : ESG1

Running conversation SubSetupMenu on Port 2

Running conversation SubGreetingsConv on Port 2

Next error:

Event Type: Error

Event Source: AvConvMsg_MC

Event Category: Error

Event ID: 10010

Date: 9/19/2003

Time: 7:22:35 AM


[Thread 0x00000FC0] CAvCDEConvBase::Run() error from RunEx() in conversation [SubGreetingsConv] on Device ID [2]

Last error:

Event Type: Error

Event Source: AvConvMsg_MC

Event Category: Error

Event ID: 10016

Date: 9/19/2003

Time: 7:22:35 AM


Transferred to FailSafe conversation while running conversation SubGreetingsConv on Port 2. See the following file for the contents of the Named Properties : E:\CommServer\logs\NPDump_20030919_072235.txt

Output from NPdump:

Named Properties dump of conversation SubGreetingsConv, Port 2

AlternateGreeting OTHER : 0x00000000

AlternateRule OBJECT : 0x0a432b00

AnnounceGreeting OTHER : 0x0101ffff

AnnounceNewEmail OTHER : 0x0ac40000

AnnounceNewFax OTHER : 0x15690000

AnnounceNewReceipt OTHER : 0x0ad80000

AnnounceNewTotal OTHER : 0x0cf5ffff

AnnounceNewVoice OTHER : 0x0c220000

AnnounceOldTotal OTHER : 0x0ad8ffff

AnnouncedMsgCount OTHER : 0x0000ffff

AvConvUtils OBJECT : 0x0dd3ac54

AvSubGreetings OBJECT : 0x139ebb1c

AvSubMenu OBJECT : 0x0df3f5ac

AvSubMsgCount OBJECT : 0x0ac9fef4

AvSubSetupMenu OBJECT : 0x0d8653dc

AvSubSignIn OBJECT : 0x0b381524

CallDeviceID STRING : 2

ConvSubResumeMsg OTHER : 0x00000000

CosAllowFax OTHER : 0x0a360000

CosAllowTTS OTHER : 0x0e360000

CosCanCreatePublicDlists OTHER : 0x00000000

CosCanRecordName OTHER : 0x0000ffff

CosCanSendToPublicDL OTHER : 0x100cffff

CosListInDirectoryStatus OTHER : 0x0a4b0000

CosMaxGreetingLength LONG : 30

CosMaxMsgLength LONG : 120

CosMaxNameLength LONG : 10

CosMaxPrivateDlists LONG : 20

CosMoveToDeleteFolder OTHER : 0x0c01ffff

CurrentGreetingFlag LONG : 0

DayRule OBJECT : 0x0a2bde70

DohDirectory OBJECT : 0x021b3770

EnableEnhancedSecurity OTHER : 0x00000000

HasVoiceName OTHER : 0x0000ffff

InitialNewEmail LONG : 0

InitialNewFax LONG : 0

InitialNewReceipt LONG : 0

InitialNewTotal LONG : 0

InitialNewUrgent LONG : 0

InitialNewVoice LONG : 0

InitialOldTotal LONG : 5

InitialOldUrgent LONG : 0

LastNewMessageCountTime OTHER : 0x26054f44

LastSavedMessageCountTime OTHER : 0x26054f44

Logger OBJECT : 0x008471f4

MailUser OBJECT : 0x100f7e08

MailUserAlias STRING : ESG1

MailUserCallID STRING : 2444C99CC72C47DE80398FAE6F0FEEF2

MailUserCallerID STRING : 7215128

MailUserDisplayName STRING : Gannon, Steve

MailUserExtension STRING : 7215128

MailUserVoiceName OTHER : 0x100d2fa8

MailUserstrEnSecname STRING : ESG1

MessageIterator OBJECT : 0x1019b888

MessagingRules OBJECT : 0x10024510

NightGreeting OTHER : 0x00000000

NightRule OBJECT : 0x1011c8b8

ParentEvent OBJECT : 0x0220043c

PersistentProps OBJECT : 0x10094db0

PhraseEndPosition LONG : 3359

RecordLength LONG : 4767

RecordStream OTHER : 0x0a36fc78

SayMsgBlip OTHER : 0x0cf7ffff

SayMsgNumber OTHER : 0x227affff

SaySender OTHER : 0x15beffff

SayTimestampAfter OTHER : 0x0e6dffff

SayTimestampBefore OTHER : 0x0ca40000

SubscriberConversation STRING : SubMenu

SubscriberLocation OBJECT : 0x103ae3d0

ThisGreetingFlag LONG : 0

UseBriefPrompts OTHER : 0x0c4c0000

UseDelItmFldr OTHER : 0x1021ffff

UseExtension OTHER : 0x0000ffff

UseLastNameFirst OTHER : 0x0000ffff

VoiceName OTHER : 0x100892b8

bAlternateChanged OTHER : 0x0e280000

bAlternateFlagSet OTHER : 0x0cc60000

bAlternateRecorded OTHER : 0x0e6c0000

bDayChanged OTHER : 0x0a36ffff

bDayRecorded OTHER : 0x0a36ffff

bEnrollment OTHER : 0x00000000

bFirstSignIn OTHER : 0x00000000

bMsgPlaybackHangUpMarkRead OTHER : 0x00000000

bNewMailUser OTHER : 0x00000000

bNightChanged OTHER : 0x0c010000

bNightRecorded OTHER : 0x0e6c0000

bOfferPurgeDelMsg OTHER : 0x0c1bffff

bUnplayableMessages OTHER : 0x0000ffff

bUserIsMailUser OTHER : 0x0dc9ffff

bVoiceNameAvailable OTHER : 0x22ecffff

lMailboxLock LONG : 1

lMaxRecordTimeMs LONG : 30000

Ideas? TIA

Sabas Chois

Cisco Employee

Re: Updating greetings msg error

The conversations guys suggest that this could be related to some over-aggressive error logging in that version of Unity related to blank greetings - can you check to see if the handlers involved have the "blank" greeting selected? If so, the errors are nothing to worry about, they've been cleaned up in later versions of Unity. If not, there's another issue at play.

New Member

Re: Updating greetings msg error

The CH for this subscriber has the greeting set to answer with a recorded msg. The error does not show up daily either even though he changes his greeting daily.

Cisco Employee

Re: Updating greetings msg error

if you can catch the error on a particular day (consider using the Event Monitoring Service off - it supports 3.1(5) and will allow you to get notification as soon as this error is logged) - it'd be interesting to see if dbWalker barks about the path to the greeting file or the like.