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Updating voicemail ports

Is there a way to update settings under voicemail ports in bulk using BAT ?


Re: Updating voicemail ports

Any beautiful ideas to get this done ?

Re: Updating voicemail ports

There is no way to do this with BAT, but you could try modifying the SQL tables that store the VM Port information with a query but this is kind of tricky since the information is stored in several tables, for example, if you want to modify the CSS of the VM ports the DN is stored in the NumPlan table and the CSS in the CallingSearchSpace table, but is not advisable tochange the settings like that

as that might screw up the relationship/pointers between the table. I recommend you to to this the right way, manually on the CCMAdmin page or use the wizard to remove all and re-add them after hours.



Re: Updating voicemail ports


Is this something Cisco plan roadmapping to provide through BAT ? I am talking about 96 ports with failover (thats two times 96 = 192). I m having to modify AAR groups, AAR CSS etc on all these ports. Looks like i dont have a choice other than to delete the ports and add them back in.

Re: Updating voicemail ports

No, is not on the Roadmap, normally they include it when many customers fill a PER (Product Enhacement Request) with their Account Managers... But actually this request is not that common.

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